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    Introduction to Compliance Field Security
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    Default Dynamics 365 offers no functionality to secure fields within tables. Often, the default permission sets of Dynamics 365 do not provide the desired level of security. Furthermore, you cannot easily apply security based on a filter in Dynamics 365. Finally, in default Dynamics 365 Financials it is not possible to secure actions on pages.

    The extension Compliance Field Security offers the possibility to secure fields, actions on pages and datasets in tables. 

    Field Security

    In Field Security  you can refine the authorizations of a specific table by defining secured fields.


    In Filter Security  you can refine the authorization for certain dataset by defining secured datasets.

    Action Security

    In the window Action Security you can authorize users for actions on a page.

    Compliance Essentials

    This module contains shared objects and functionality with other modules we are currently developing. For use (and on premise compilation) of Compliance Field Security is required for compiling and use of , both as objects and in the license. The module comes with no additional costs and is by default attached to any Compliance Field Security installation on Dynamics 365.

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    2-Control has experienced and specialized IT auditors for Dynamics NAV, who can assist with IT audits, designing and evaluate authorizations, inventory reconciliation, describe business process and internal control.


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