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    2-Controlware Compliance
    In This Topic

    The 2-Controlware Compliance-suite simplify the maintenance of Dynamics NAV and monitor the quality of the setup and the use of the system:



    For information about the installed version of 2-Controlware see 2C About Compliance in the section Setup of the Compliance-menu. For changes in the modules see Version Management.

    We also offer Authorization Box: a separate application from Dynamics NAV for setup, administration and monitoring of authorizations in NAV.

    Structure of the help

    The operation and the use of the modules is explained step by step. Each module of 2-Controlware is described in a separate chapter with sections per paragraph and developed steps.

    The 2-Controlware modules are available for versions 2013 R2 and onwards of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For older versions of Inventory Reconciliation, refer to Activate 2-Controlware Inventory Reconciliation (Dynamics NAV version 3.xx, 4.xx and 5.xx). The design and functions in our modules are identical in all versions, with limitations posed by the architecture of Dynamics NAV.


    If your question remains unanswered after reading this documentation, please contact your Dynamics NAV partner. 2-Controlware is a module within Dynamics NAV and falls within the standard support contract of your organization with your partner.

    Currently we support the five most recent yearly major releases of Dynamics NAV. Under conditions use of our software for older versions is possible, please contact us if you are interested.


    If you have any questions regarding the quality of your data processing or internal control of Dynamics NAV, we refer you to www.2-control.nl.

    2-Control has experienced and specialized IT auditors for Dynamics NAV, who can assist with IT audits, designing and evaluate authorizations, inventory reconciliation, describe business process and internal control.


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